National Center for Art Research

Connecting, Deepening, and Expanding Art

About Us

As a new initiative for art promotion, the National Center for Art Research strives to become a driving force in the sustained advancement of art, improve the social value of art, and work toward a future in which everyone has the ability to discover new values and potential through art.

What We Do

In each of our projects, we strive to cooperate and collaborate with a variety of people in society, including those affiliated with Japanese and international museums, and research institutes, while helping to establish a platform for art promotion and disseminate information globally in order to advance the sustainable development of art.

Activating Collections

In addition to facilitating collaborative activities with the National Museum of Art, and other museums and institutions throughout the country, the Center promotes research and disseminates information related to the collection, exhibition, and conservation of artworks.

Compiling and Providing Research Resources

With the objective of becoming a platform for research that deals with Japanese art and museum collections throughout the country, the Center is engaged in compiling and providing information both domestically and internationally.

Developing International Relations

The Center promotes the construction of an international human network related to art while also disseminating translated documents and pertinent information.

Developing Learning Programs

The Center is devoted to developing research programs required by today’s society and offer new information enabling anyone to encounter and discover new possibilities in art.

Connecting Art with Society

The Center develops a diverse range of social links and promotes activities to improve the social value of art.

Other Activities

By creating a framework for myriad forms of support, the Center conducts a variety of programs designed to, among other things, functionally enhance the National Museum of Art.


Enjoying and Supporting
the National Museums of Art

The National Museum of Art,
to which the National Center for Art Research belongs,
offers the following membership plans and programs.

the National
of Art

The National Museum of
Art Campus Members Program

This membership program is designed for tertiary educational institutions. All of the students and faculty of member schools will be eligible for free admission and discounts, enabling them to visit exhibitions and other events as many times as they wish.
(in Japanese only)

the National
of Art

Donating to the National Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art accepts donations to support a variety of activities designed to realize a richer society through art and culture.

Crowdfunding for the National Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art are engaged in crowdfunding that provides support for unique projects that correspond to each museum’s distinctive character.
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